Monday, 31 March 2014

Food Review : FAT CATS CAFE

Need to grab a bite? Head to Fat cats cafe, a place where you can find everything your tummy needs. From fresh home-made cakes to delicious sandwiches, fat cats has it all. It is a small hangout place perfect for all you people out there ready to sin in the name of food. The cafe is located exactly opposite Salunkhe Vihar Society in Wanowrie . Though the interiors of the cafe appear to be simple and neat with limited seating arrangement...the display counter is something that catches everyone's eye. 

I visited the cafe along with a friend for a small snack and we ended up choosing the best items available on the menu. We had a piece of the Mississippi Mud pie & the Banoffee Pie both doused with fresh whipped cream made by the Cafe owner & Pastry chef Melanie Andrade herself .
 The mud pie was chocolaty and sinful. Topped with fresh cream, chocolate shavings and a bit of chocolate fudge sauce. 

{  Mississippi Mud Pie  } 

{  Banoffee Pie }

The Banoffee Pie tastes as delicious as it looks. 

{  Crab Melt  } 

{ Mac & Cheese with Bacon }

We were also suggested to try out their Crab melts and  Mac & Cheese with Bacon. The crab melt was light and had a cheesy twist. Whereas their Mac and cheese with bacon was creamy and was worth every bite. 

I would thoroughly recommend Fat Cats Cafe to all 
'cake-aholics' and those with a sweet tooth. They will definitely be seeing more of me, trying out their other goodies. 

Must Try : Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting
Bacon Jam
Jalapeno cheese toasties 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Mid-Week Talk : Body Type.. Part 1

Hey there pretties,
                          It has been a long time since I posted on the blog. Being a student is not easy. Multitasking is not every ones thing & to be honest I'm really bad at it. I need to concentrate on one thing at a time unlike some geniuses who do many things together that too perfectly.So I decided to stay away from the blogosphere/Internet for a while, not completely to concentrate on my exams and college assignments. Anyway since I'm back now without wasting any time and energy lets get going with our topic for the week, "BODY TYPE".
                         ..All of us are created differently , from Physical appearance to inner emotions...Everyone is unique. Since I'm more of a person who goes for physical appearance  today I decided to talk on body types. I know many of us women go through a lot of trouble finding dresses or clothing that suit our body type perfectly.I've been through this phase as well. The other day I received a mail from a reader who deals with plus size girl problems asking me on how I manage to get clothes of my size.That's one of the reasons why I decided to do this post. Every week I will post articles on my blog regarding body issues and how I deal with them so that you guys can learn something new about my lifestyle. I hope you guys enjoy this series of Body Talk.

Here is a fun thing to do. I have listed the different body types along with celebrity names with that body type, compare and check where you fit in.

{Image Courtesy:}


Gwyneth Paltrow 

Nicole Kidman 


Drew Barrymore 

Kate Winslet 


Jennifer Love Hewitt 


Kim Kardashian 

Scarlett Johansson

I hope you guys found it easy to identify your body type.This was the end to the part 1 of our body type talk. Stay tuned for the next part till then Stay Gorgeous 

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Denim Shirt + Maxi Skirt = ♥

I'm Obsessed with Denim.It is so comfortable and chic that when paired with anything it makes the outfit wearable and stylish. 

This time I paired the shirt with a simple black maxi skirt and a chunky neckpiece. I opted for minimal makeup as I wanted to keep the look simple yet classy. 

                               OUTFIT DETAILS

           Denim Shirt- Forever 21,
           Black Maxi Skirt- ,
           BiB Neck piece- Street Stall,
           Stone Ring- Sheetal Creations ( Local Store, Pune)

           A selfie for instagram after a dressy day is a must! 
On my Lips: Lipstick- Chicory by Boots Botanics
                                                 Lip Gloss- 121 Excess Vinyl Max by Rimmel 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

One Stop Shop: Kiara

We're women, what do we want? 
Clothes, Accessories and everything else under the roof of a shopping complex :P 
With so many online stores these days that offer similar designs and patterns, it is difficult to find unique garment pieces. 
Kiara is one online portal which has an amazing collection of in-trend apparel. From shoes to cardigans to everything girly, Kiara has it all.  

Price : Affordable

Check out their store: Kiara (Online Store)

Here are a few pieces from their collection. Enjoy! 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

5 Sitcoms I can watch on repeat.

We all have those sad days in life when we have nothing to do, those friendless days, bored of that same old crap you've been listening to (music). 
Guess what I do! :P , 
Watch back to back episodes of my favourite tv sitcoms which are unfortunately not aired(not all) any more. I sit back on my bouncy bed in my sweat pants or pyjamas(I can live in them) with either some soda *which is very unhealthy & RiteBite healthy energy bars *yumm yumm. 
 Here is a fun list of my favourites and the best online places where you can watch them.  

1) Hope and Faith 

Having troubles with your sibling? Feeling unhappy about having them exist in your life? Hope and Faith, the best sister duo. Whenever I watch them. I love my notorious brother even more. It's such a fun little show which revolves around the lives of the "Shanowski" family and Faith Fairfield a one-time emmy award winner who has lost it all in the glam world. Watch how the family tolerates the nuisance caused by Faith and how her sister Hope Shanowski comes to her rescue.

Where to watch : Most of the series episodes are available on YouTube. 

2) Mind Your Language 

                                                      Available on YouTube (Few episodes) 

3) My Wife and Kids 

This is my all time favourite. I have watched this series like a million times that I know each and every dialogue by heart. *weird right. I always dream of living this way and having a happy family and a relationship as amazing as Jay and Michael. It's a much watch if you've had a bad day. Such a mood changer *for me atleast. 

Where to watch : Most of the episodes available on YouTube. 

4) Greys Anatomy. 

This is one addictive show. Life at Seattle Grace hospital. Interesting isn't it. Tune into Zcafe or StarWorld for more or check out their series episodes upto season 3 on YouTube. 
Similar Sitcom: Private Practice. 

5) The Bill Cosby Show. 

                                              Where to watch : 

I hope you enjoyed this fun post. If you did go hit a thumbs up on my yet not so popular Facebook page and you can tweet me on @thestylevoice . 

Friday, 29 November 2013

Visit to the Four Fountains De-Stress Spa.

    "Monday to Friday" is the most dreadful part of any individuals life. There is just so much work,so much stress that by the end of the week we're all dying for an opportunity to relax ,being a student I go through hectic sessions of constant lectures by the end of which I'm way too exhausted to even enjoy my weekend. Well this week was like every other and just when I thought I was going to spend another weekend on my bed, relief came to me in the form of a spa! I was invited by the Four Fountains Spa team for a day of luxury in the form of a beautiful mind soothing massage. 
      When I entered the spa I was warmly welcomed by the staff (A point to be noted since other spas generally treat you with indifference, as just another customer) but at Four Fountains Spa I was treated like, for lack of words, "A Queen", Four Fountains Spa sure does know how to relax the mind with the most amazing spas and massage therapies in the book. I have been to my fair share of spas but never once have I come across a spa so true to it's name. The name Four Fountains goes so well with the basic aim of the spa since one day at the spa makes you feel like you're in the midst of fountains that cool you off of all the past weeks stress. Getting to the main point here are the details of the spa.

 Ambiance - Just perfect. It is beautiful, there are lovely scented candles around, warm colours, dim lighting,  mind calming music, all this combined, made me feel like I was in heaven! no really! 

 Hygiene - Everything was spick and span 

 The Staff - Extremely amiable. They were very pleasant and very efficient. 

 The actual spa therapy- I got a back, shoulders and head massage and believe me when I say this, I was in 7th heaven. The calming massage lulled me into a beautiful sleep, left me wanting more. The best experience so far. 

At the end of my therapy I was offered a warm cup of green/ginger tea which helped me relax even more and I was also given this De-Stress gel which had to be applied to the soles of my feet to give me a good nights sleep.I highly recommend the Four Fountains Spa. Till date no other spa has managed to impress me as much as this. They are sure going to be seeing more of me in the near future. 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Dungaree Tuesdays


Denim Shirt : Forever 21 . Black Trousers: Pune Local Market , Nude Sling Bag : Mango, Brown Thin Braid belt : Linking Road,Mumbai , Purple Basic Tee: Local Store {Kuwait} , Black & Gold studded flats: Local store {Latvia}

Style Tip : Pairing a denim shirt or any denim accessory will give a casual look to your outfit.